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Atlan: Der Fürst von Camlo - Traversan 4, CD, Vorzugsausgabe
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HANS DENNERLEIN: December in Nuremberg. Christmastime in Christmastown. History, stories, texts, po-ems, narrations, myths, legends, fairytales and curiosities from ago and today, for advent, Christmas and winter-time, for the Christmas Market and for the unique December in Nuremberg. – From the Advent to the Holy Night. We Celebrate Advent and Christmas. Some thoughts about the best time of year. Giving Presents, But How? Love - richness of our hearts. Prophetic Predictions. Very Old Wishes, Ideas and Hopes. The Holy Night. The birth of Jesus. The original biblical story. Nuremberg. A wonderful city in the world. Welcome to the City of Nuremberg. Nuremberg, ours town. Nuremberg - A City-Portrait. Old town and the new city. History, stories and texts from ago and today. The Nuremberg Funnel. Nuremberg originalities and other curiosities. A unique December in Nuremberg. Christmastime in Christmastown.Stories, texts, poems, narrations, myths, legends, fairytales and curiosities from ago and today, for advent, Christmas and wintertime, for the Christmas Market and for the Nuremberg Christ Child. The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt.History, stories, legends from ago and today. The unique December in Nuremberg. The Nuremberg Christ Child. The opening of the Christmas Market in Nuremberg. Christkindlesmarkt in Nürnberg. Prologue to the Opening of the Christmas Market in Nuremberg. Nuremberg: A wonderful Christmastime in Christmastown. The Candle in Front of You. »The flame of life«. A story to reflect upon. Practical information to the city of Nuremberg. Recommendations personal experiences. A subjective selection. Bibliography. Information. - Editors for concept and arrangement of books: Hans Denner-lein, Irmgard Dennerlein. - Authoress and authors: Friedrich Bröger, Conrad Celtis, Hans Dennerlein, Manfred W. K. Fischer, Gabriele Frey-Dengk, Franz Xaver Gruber, Claudia Laske, Martin Luther, Joseph Mohr, Marga-ret Peace, Petra Petersen, Konrad Georg Rieger, Hans Sachs, Adalbert Stifter und Frieda Voigth; texts from Old Testament in the bible: The Psalmist and the prophets Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah and Zechariah; texts from New Testament in the bible: John, the Evangelist and Luke, the Evangelist; and the Authoress-, Authors-Team the Stadt Nürnberg, Nürnberg (Deutschland) or: City of Nuremberg, Nuremberg (Germany), for the English Version and German Version. – Artists: Hans Dennerlein, Irmgard Dennerlein. Creativ-Team-Nürnberg Dennerlein & Dennerlein and Kunstdesign Peter Kocher, Nürnberg. - Cover-Picture: Johann Lorenz Ritter »Nürnberg, Haupt-markt im Winter, Christkindlesmarkt« A water-color-painting (aquarelle) from the year 1885 (Private property). - Graphical arrangement, cover and artistically consultation: Kunstdesign Peter Kocher, Nuremberg. - Translati-on German-English: The Translations-Connection-Team »Nürnberger Arbeitskreis für Literatur, Philosophie, Religion, Kultur, Gesellschaft, Wissenschaft und Geschichte. Autorinnen- und Autorenteam der Abteilung Lite-ratur und Sprache in Nürnberg«, Nuremberg (Germany) and Claudia Laske, Aberdeen (Scotland), Margaret Pea-ce, Aberdeen (Scotland), Janet Wood, Cambridge (England) and the Authoress-, Authors- and Translations team from the Stadt Nürnberg in Nuremberg (Germany) for the English Version and the German Version. - Contribu-tors: Hans Dennerlein, Irmgard Dennerlein, Dr. phil. Dr. theol. Gabriele Frey-Dengk and Peter Kocher. - Format: 21,0 cm x 14,8 cm. - Einband: Softcover, gebunden. Vierfarbiger Umschlag. - A Original-Nuremberg-Christmas-Book. A expectional christmasbook for all the friends of Nuremberg and Franconia (Franken). A lit-eraryc highlight for the Advent and Christmastime! - In the book-series: • Nuremberg Edition • Christmastown Nuremberg, Number One • In English. - Copyright and Translation-Copyrigth, English- and German-Version: © 1988 - 2011 by Hans Dennerlein and Irmgard Dennerlein, Nuremberg (Germany). & © 2012 by Publishing House Irmgard Dennerlein, Nuremberg (Germany) (VIDN). First printing-edition, reprint and new-printing-edition: 1. bis 7. Edition 2012 - 2018. - Copyright und Übersetzungs-Copyrigth, Version in Deutsch und in Eng-lisch: © 1988 - 2011 by Hans Dennerlein und Irmgard Dennerlein, Nürnberg (Deutschland). & 1966 by Stadt Nürnberg, Nürnberg.